Over the past few months I have been building a plant based community by interviewing 21 Plant Based Chefs on their tips, tricks, journey’s, information and their most favorite recipes. Setting up the summit was a whirlwind with getting used to seeing myself on camera to learning all of the technology needed to make sure that everything ran smoothly to last but not least becoming engrossed in Social Media for the very first time in my life. My goodness, the things you need to know about social media. For all of you millennial(s) that have grown up with social media….I envy you!

Here is a look and feel of what the summit looked like:

And sharing great news…..the Summit (4 week event) is now moving to a Private Facebook Group and the information will also be located on this site under a “members only page.” We will be sharing tips, tricks, recipes, more video journeys from plant based chefs and much more. I sent out a survey to everyone that attended the summit and asked what they wanted in the community and now I am in development to make sure it happens. Here are some highlights of what will be on the site in April: 1) More tips and tricks on batch cooking, using different ingredients, spices, freezing and food preparation. This will include articles and also videos, 2) interviews from other plant based experts/chefs, 3) a place to come for support and to ask questions, 4) Google Hangouts where you can ask questions to a Plant Based Chef and Nutritionist and Alot More to Come!

Please come join me on this journey of building a “community” where we can share information but also seek support for living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I will also be posting a weekly blog sharing more of this information so please reach out to me if you would like to see specific information on my blog or become a member in my NEW Private Facebook Group.

With Cooking Love,